Founder & CEO
Product Designer 
Strategic Partnerships

Emily Salsbury-Deveaux comes from an extensive two decade long consulting career working with multi-national brands, shopping centres, investment groups, start-ups, and universities. 
At the time she decided to launch the brand, she was the Executive Director of the School of Retailing at the Alberta School of Business. Consulting and working with the University of Alberta for 5 years was extremely rewarding but she knew she wanted to prove she could build her own multi-million dollar brand using some of the ideas she had suggested to her clients.
She now likes to offer up the brand as a testing ground for companies who are innovating in logistics/supply-chain, finance, product manufacturing, customer service, and more.
This allows new applications to use an actual brand with real insights to test their products prior to launching to market. 
Emily has a very unique skillset, she can create the vision for the brand but is also very actionable and executes her ideas.
She is able to do everything from design websites, to warehouses, to clothes, then manage and execute the brands photography and creative plan...then somehow manage the finances and expansion of the brand.
She is passionate about learning and likes to be able to know how to do most things to manage her team and partnerships.
Partner & COO
Application Integration & Testing Specialist
Operations Planning

Rebecca Chorney, who first met Emily while completing her Bachelor of Commerce was part of a student consulting business that Emily had founded. She continued to be promoted and became a big part of the program. After her degree, she was hired on to be both Marketing Director of the School of Retailing but also remain a consultant as well. 
In 2018, she joined Emily to launch the brand and a year later was announced as partner. Together the two have worked together for almost 9 years.
Rebecca is highly talented and can be found most of the time deep in a web based project or integration on her computer.

VP of Logistics 
Insights & Planning
Integration & Testing

Benjamin joined our team in September 2021 when we opened our fulfillment centre in partnership with the Edmonton International Airport. A self proclaimed logistics nerd he loves all things shipping and service. Benjamin leads our strategic partnerships on a day-to-day basis supporting our partners with integrations, testing, and of course managing our EMMYDEVEAUX shipping team.