In 2022, EMMYDEVEAUX launched their fund to support artists and apparel entrepreneurs.

Emily, Founder of EMMYDEVEAUX considers herself both an artist and an entrepreneur. She knows how challenging it can be to bring a vision to life.

When she started the company, although she had $48,000 and 20 years of experience, she couldn't get any funding without personal guarantees. To this day, she has turned that initial amount into over $7 million dollars without the help of any traditional banks.

EMMYDEVEAUX has the ability to not only raise funds to support both groups but also the expertise for apparel entrepreneurs and the spaces for artists to experiment.

We have so far supported over 8 art projects in our own physical spaces including our murals in both our head office and our airport warehouse.

We have seen the art process take our brand to new heights with our own crest which was turned into our new logo, jacket buttons and we even designed our own band t-shirt.

Emily has been a mentor for a number of entrepreneurs over the years and has now decided to focus her mentorship and grants on apparel entrepreneurs across Canada and the US.

Stay tuned for more developments and projects to support this initiative!