The FUNDIT program has become synonymous with our brand since it began in 2018. There are three reasons the program was started:


We are committed to making products that have proven demand by our community. We are a customer-centric brand. FUNDIT is in internal crowdfunding system that allows us to gauge the demand of an item before it is produced. Customers purchase the item during a period of 2-5 days. Once a certain amount of items is sold, the piece is considered funded and goes into production.

We order enough so that customers can exchange and we have a few left for other customers. 

This reduces and almost eliminates inventory risk for us as a brand.


Building a vertical clothing business is incredibly challenging. Financially, it could be detrimental to spend large sums of money on products that might not sell. It is also negative for our entire supply chain and the world.

The FUNDIT program helps us make the right amount of product for the demand. This results in positive cash flow but also little to no waste with fabric or final product.


We are focused on remaining financially independent as we grow. This allows us to make decisions that wouldn't necessarily get the popularity vote with banks, large investors, or venture capitalists. 

We believe we can build the business with our community and show the world that we can scale this business with unique initiatives. 


This chart shows the traditional cycle of our goods but shows the two places of disruption we have added.



Why does this program work for our brand?


We make a consistent quality of product and work hard to keep our products on the same size grading chart. 


Our community has a lot of trust in us and this process. We take that very seriously and ensure we don't have scenarios where the trust is broken.



Emily Salsbury-Deveaux has spent 20 years working as a leading strategist in the retail & real estate industry. She knew there was tremendous space in the industry for innovation and is excited to test ideas whether they fail or succeed.