1. Print out the packing slip and fill in the requested information.
  2. Print the return shipping label here. The return ID is PR933849.
    Please note that shipping items back has a flat fee of $10 that will be deducted from your total credit amount!
  3. Pack up the items you would like to submit to BUYBACK in the SMALLEST package possible. Make sure you include the packing slip.
  4. Attach the return label to the package and drop it off at your nearest Canada Post location.  


    • Unfortunately, items that were purchased by customers in the United States are not eligible for the BUYBACK Program. This includes items purchased through the BUYBACK program.
    • Any items that are a part of the BASICALLY NUDE collection are not eligible for the BUYBACK Program.
    • Some items that are made of our pleather fabric are not eligible for the BUYBACK Program, due to the nature of the wear of the fabric. This includes the Pleather Leggings and Pleather Joggers. 
    • The Ankle and Thigh High Boots are not eligible for the BUYBACK Program. 
    • Hats and toques are not eligible for the BUYBACK program. 


  • For items that can be traced to your account you will get 50% back of the price you paid (minus tax and other discounts).

  • For items that cannot be found on your account, you will get back 30% of the retail price of the product.  

  • The amount will be issued to you as a BUYBACK Credit that can be used on like a gift card. 

The BUYBACK Credit will be emailed to you once the items have been received at our warehouse and inspected.