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The Right Muse Will Inspire Truths Over Imagination

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We Met in 2018

Sarah and I met in 2018 when she and her now fiance walked into one of our temporary stores in downtown Edmonton. I was looking for product testers at the time and she had come in to express her interest. As we got to know each other, we talked about the potential for her to do some modeling for the brand. She was not a model and I was the furthest thing from a photographer. We learned together and not only built the image of this brand together, but Sarah became a critical piece of the business when it came to product design, and supporting me as a designer.

Named "Momager" to me at one point, Sarah has been an incredibly supportive and consistent person in my life and this company. The essence she brings to the brand cannot be duplicated and every time we shoot I am grateful for the gift of her friendship but also that she does such an amazing job bringing my vision to life.

Our customers know Sarah well and are often impressed by her commitment to our brand alongside her full-time career as a Registered Nurse. She is now expanded her role with us to support our very important Fit Kit strategy and continues to take on more responsbility to help the business thrive.