Why Build a Capsule Closet

So often we have excess in our closets. Items that not only taking up physical space but space in our minds. I once had an entire bedroom filled with clothing and shoes to the point where it was featured in the Edmonton Journal. Looking back I had such pride about it but in reality it caused so much unnecessary stress.

It caused not only confusion when I got dressed but also guilt around the money I had spent. I feel like I had the best intentions that I was going to wear things and just didn't.

In 2017, I was in a prestigious consulting position that required a lot of travel and I so badly wished I had a killer capsule closet. I started to go shopping and couldn't find anything. I was already someone with time constraints so I decided I would just make it!

After starting EMMYDEVEAUX, as I made more pieces, my old closet was slowly chipped away to where now no joke I have been wearing the same outfit for over 2 months. I always have a lot on my plate and I wanted less decisions to make but I wanted to feel fantastic as well.

My go to outfit right now is either the V-Neck T-Shirt or the Tank Bodysuit, paired with jeans, The Donovan, and The Harper Heel.

See below for a picture!

Start Here

When we first start a fitting with a new customer, we will put them in

  1. Our Mid-High Leggings and
  2. Our Boyfriend T-Shirt or our Tank Bodysuit

9/10 times when we take this approach they will look 15-20 lbs slimmer almost immediately.

If you are someone who is comfortable with tucking we recommend the Tank Bodysuit, or if you would prefer to cover we recommend the Boyfriend T-Shirt!

These two pieces become the base layer for your jackets and shoes.